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Your Guide to LinkedIn Personal Branding

LinkedIn posting strategy, this book helps you take the next step in your professional branding on LinkedIn.  Send me a message through the form below and receive the eBook version…

Best linkedin personal branding books

6 Best Books on LinkedIn Personal Branding (from my reading list)

To establish and grow your brand, it is more common to use professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. More people are using social media platforms like LinkedIn to conduct professional community-building,…

Social media marketing trends

Social Media Trends 2024 You Can’t Miss

It is difficult to imagine life without social media now that it has occupied a significant portion of our lives. It affects how we communicate, learn, and make purchases. It…

What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

Simply having a remarkable website or social media presence isn’t sufficient for any brand to create a positive online image. Trust is built through consistency. It leads to improved customer…

Amul Marketing and Branding Case Study

Amul Marketing Strategy: Case Study Why Amul is the Taste of India

Amul, also known as Anand Milk Union Limited, is a prominent milk producer and marketer globally. The brand played a pivotal role in India’s “White Revolution”. This propelled India to…